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5 Days Without Trucks

Many of those not working in the transportation or trucking industries do not realize the importance of trucks to our daily lives. When you’re used to something always being there, it’s easy to take it for granted.

Here in the UK we enjoy a high quality of life. But how often does the public really stop to think about how it’s all made possible?

So much depends on the trucking industry for survival, consider what would happen if every truck were pulled off the road:


First 24 Hours

  • Your grocery store runs out of milk

  • Medicine is not available at your pharmacy

  • You can’t send letters or packages

  • Your hospital has no clean linen & limited medical supplies


Day 2

  • Your local petrol station is low on fuel

  • Sanitation problems begin to mount

  • Your local stores are out of cash

  • ATM’s run out of money


Day 3

  • You’re out of petrol & diesel

  • Your grocery store has no fresh produce

  • Your bank is closed

  • People hoard due to panic


Day 4

  • Emergency vehicles are out of fuel

  • Public transportation stops

  • All airports close

  • Rubbish piles up in the streets


Day 5    

  • Let’s just say, we hope we never have to suffer through five days without trucks.


Without a doubt, the sector’s contribution to the economy is significant, there are no businesses out there that don’t rely on trucks to be the lifeline to their core business requirements.