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Other Useful Information about the DAF Programme

Applicants with Disabilities

The industries we work with can be complex and challenging but this need not deter anyone from being interested in working in them. We welcome applications from people with disabilities and we aim to make all of our services and premises accessible wherever possible and practical.

If we don't think we can help you directly we will work hard to refer you to people with specialist skills who can. Our commitment to widening participation in the industry amongst groups who have been under-represented so far is real.

Apprenticeships for Women in Automotive

Traditionally the Automotive industry has not recruited large numbers of women to train as Service Technicians but that's changing fast. More and more women are training to repair vehicles in all sectors and we are keen to train more.

We can offer women the opportunity to meet employers in the industry to see if it's likely to be the right career choice for them. If they do decide to train as an Apprentice we will support them all the way through their qualification.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to diversity and equality of opportunity for all and is opposed to any form of less favourable treatment or harassment on the grounds of gender, marital status, civil partnership status, parental status, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion/belief and gender reassignment, age and those with caring responsibilities.

We create and maintain an inclusive working and learning environment that respects and celebrates difference. Everyone has the right to participate fully, give their best and achieve their full potential in a climate free from discrimination or harassment.

Health and Safety

Work places are assessed for health and safety before placing a learner on site.   A full vetting takes place every 3 years with a monitoring visit taking place at least every 6 months.

Safeguarding Children and Young Adults

We inspire and engage young minds. We believe in democracy and the laws of the country, where every individual has a voice that is heard and respected, no matter what their faith or belief.

We are a community and all those directly connected (staff, governors, parents, families, Apprentices and employers) have an essential role to play in making it safe and secure. We recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all Apprentices.   Providing an ethos and environment that will help Apprentices to feel safe, secure and respected; encourage them to talk openly; and enable them to feel confident that they will be listened to. We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that learners receive effective support, protection and justice.


We acknowledge that there are two sides to every dispute.  We investigate every issue/incident reported in a timely manner and provide both parties with the opportunity to provide evidence to substantiate their version of the issue/incident. 

Behaviour/Code of Conduct

We operate a policy of maintaining positive behaviour management with all of our Apprentices. Rather than responding to poor behaviour, we aim to establish a culture of mutual respect that embraces fundamental British values through strategies that recognise and reward positive attitudes to learning.

Our Apprentice Code of Conduct and Disciplinary ethos aims to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to achieve success free from interruption.  To ensure that when any Apprentice breaches Code of Conduct, they are all treated the same way, regardless of age, sex, gender, ethnicity or disability.

Apprentice Vehicles and Driving

Whilst on programme, Apprentices must abide by the legislative regulations governed by UK law.

The Apprentice must hold a full and valid UK driving licence, be fully insured for the vehicle they are using, ensure the vehicle is in good working order and holds a current MOT, taxed and insured.   We accept no liability for any action taken by the police or other authorities for non-compliance with this or any other law.


We strive to safeguard and act in the interest of the public and its employees.  Employees/Apprentices are encouraged to bring to the attention of the company any practices or actions the company, its employees or other agents, which they reasonably believe is against the public interest.

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