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Why Choose DAF Trucks

We are the UK DAF Dealer Network and we feel proud to sell the market leading truck brand, offer industry leading services and to provide the best geographic coverage and longest opening hours compared with any other network.


Around 50,000 new trucks are registered in Britain every year. DAF Trucks Limited outsells all other manufacturers and our impressive track record makes us a major force in the road transport industry.


The future of the transport industry is a challenging and exciting one. If you have what it takes to be part of the best in the business then the DAF Apprentice Programme is the programme for you.

We operate from over 130 locations across the country, providing the best truck products and services in the industry.

Once you have completed your Apprenticeship you will have access to DAF’s prestigious UK headquarters, home to the company’s leading training and development service, the DAF Academy.

From here you will further develop your skills both in and outside of the dealership, helping you to achieve your full potential.

The DAF Academy offers UK dealers, their employees and selected customers’ access to world-class and effective training programmes, including face-to-face courses and online eLearning.

From detailed and practical technical training to commercial skills and management programmes designed to help the business of selling and maintaining trucks run smoothly.

The ultra-modern workshop facilities and fully-equipped classrooms available within the DAF Academy help to provide the perfect learning environment, while DAF’s qualified and experienced technical and commercial skills trainers and consultants ensure all delegates have the knowledge and skill to provide the quality of service that DAF has become known for.